Music and storytelling have this special ability to touch something deep inside of us. The ability to make us stop for a litle while...and just be present. To experience the world a litle bit different. If we just remember to listen...

Saulo Olmedo Evans and Marthe Halvorsen are musicians with a wide cultural background. They have both studied Indian classical music in Varanasi-India, and worked and performed with different musical projects in Norway, Canda, India and Latin-America. Right now they are working with their performance "The Rhythm of Happiness", combining music, rhythm, sound and storytelling. They want to contribute to maintain the art of storytelling alive in todays society, and wish to establish a platform that can inspire creativity, growth and reflection. Using music, interactive games and stories combined together, you are invited to join an inner and outer journey throgh space and time. "The Rhythm of Happiness" is a colourfull story about human beings as they search to find happiness. A universal theme, reflected through music and colours from different parts of the world. For could there be something that every human being have in common? And what is it that really makes us happy? We welcome you all into the magical universe of music and storytelling.

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